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• Inspiring the creative genius in every child •

Genius Kids Club is an explorative space offering creative arts & crafts classes and inventive science classes for children ages 6 months to 13 years. We promote the natural wonder and curiosity of children with exciting, hands-on science and art experiences! Inside a safe environment, children feel free to try new activities, guess, explore, be wrong, be right, dream, create, question and problem solve. Our aim is to motivate beyond the ordinary and unleash the extraordinary!



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The Owners

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Kelli Kirkland


Genius Kids Club is the brain child of friends Kelli Kirkland and Stephenie Hope. We earned degrees in education from UCLA and Marymount, respectively, and, after several years working in education, set out to do the next logical thing…work in entertainment. Yes, we’ve always had a good sense of humor. We met while working in the production offices of a sweet little game show in 2000, long before we became moms. Back then, working 60+ hour weeks in an exciting field was incredibly fun. Our jobs allowed us to travel, meet all sorts of people and live pretty thrilling lives, but once we each became moms our priorities shifted. We realized that what fulfilled us most was spending time with our families. We wanted to create a business that we loved and were proud of and that our kids could fall in love with and be part of too.

So we sat down with our children Apollo (age 6), Kiernan & Schulyer (ages 11) and asked them what they would love to do after school. They told us that they wanted to create beautiful things, try crazy science experiments and not worry about things being ‘right’ or ‘perfect’. They just wanted to have fun trying and creating. Hmmmm... a class all about exploring for the pure love of exploration? We thought that was pretty GENIUS!

We decided to combine our decade plus of teaching and production experience to create something near and dear to our hearts. And on that day, over take-out pizza and juice boxes, we had our first ‘staff’ meeting and Genius Kids Club was born!

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Stephenie Hope


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