Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be to join Genius Kids Club?
  • Wonderers - ages 6 months to 2 years: These are our freshman geniuses who are ready to inquire about everything they encounter! Their innate sense of wonder is the foundation for a life filled with curiosity and a love of learning.
  • Discoverers - ages 3 years to 5 years: Our sophomore geniuses are becoming true discoverers. They have a newfound sense of confidence and independence that fuels their passion for examination and self-expression.
  • Explorers - ages 6 years to 9 years: Our junior geniuses love to actively and methodically investigate everything around them and dream up ways to improve on that which already exists.
  • Innovators - ages 10 years to 13 years: Our senior geniuses are determined to change the world! They are eager to pioneer thoughtful ways to solve problems, usher in new inventions and explore the depth and complexity (and true need) for investing in art and artists on our planet.
What is Genius Hour?
  • Genius Hour is a one-hour block of time at Genius Kids Club where your child can scientifically and artistically brainstorm and execute their very own unique creations. They can bring supplies from home, make use of the cool stuff at Genius Kids Club or do a combo of both. They can create and test their own experiments, try a new idea for an art project, connect with other geniuses for a project they want to create together, spend some time doing messy art for fun and so much more. The sky is the limit! While a staff member is always on hand to answer questions and give assistance, it’s up to our little geniuses to spend their time creating their very own exploration adventure. The only rules are to let their imaginations run wild, be safe and have fun! *free with monthly membership
What days can my child come to class?
  • Members can come any day you want! We know how hard it can be to schedule and reschedule classes for your kids. That’s why we created a system of classes that lets you come any day that works for you. After you become a member just text us at least 15 minutes before your desired class start time and we will let you know if space is available. If you prefer to confirm specific dates and times far in advance (we know there are lots of planners out there) you can lock in your weekly spot as well. Just text us and let us know your preference.
How do I make sure my child isn’t doing the same project/theme twice?
  • Since a different project/theme is explored each day you know that your child will never do the same exact thing twice. NOTE: Non-Members and those coming for their first free trial class MUST make an appointment.